Ugandan nationals continue to fight for basic needs despite the abundance of underutilized resources. And on the other hand, Uganda's trade balance is structurally in deficit. The deficit fell from USD -1.71 billion in 2017 to USD -2.46 billion in 2018 (World Bank) because imports increased faster than exports.
To make matters worse, most of the imported products are counterfeit. These rife products are often cheap in the short term but very expensive in the long run because of the components used to manufacture them. The substandard and dangerous components used in making these products put the customer's health and safety at risk.
Deploy Resources Africa (DRA) is changing the trend through employing youths to fully utilize the natural indigenous material with the available technology to produce products that people love – both local and international. Our products are affordable, user-friendly, durable, eco-friendly, and efficient in getting jobs done.


To front youths in deploying feasible technology to produce economically viable products that people desire.


A continent that produces, consumes, and exports first-class products.

Our Team Members

Team & Advisory board

Muwanguzi Enoch

Company Founder and CEO

Cissy Lindrio

CFO and Managing Director

Soddo Paul

Brand and Marketing Director